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Extrasolar Blog Screenshot. By Krischan

About this Blog

Krischan. By Krischan www.extrasolar.deI’ve started on April 20, 2016 with a clean WordPress installation, a lot of ideas and a mess of content on my harddisk. I put a lot of work in this blog and I’m glad to have finally begun. Thus, there is now a complete overview on the project instead a bunch of threads in the Blitzbasic community. The Blog design is a modified “Sparkling” theme from Colorlib which I’ve modified for my own needs. A few plugins improve the design and usability without too much impact on the speed.

This blog exists primarily to provide information on the progress on my game. In addition, it provides valuable information about the solar system, planets, stars and their properties, from the perspective of Moon Base scientists in my game at the beginning. As a pilot of mankinds first interstellar and most advanced Spaceship you must learn what they already know! In addition I have gathered a lot of information and always been trying to locate a possible good descriptive, concise image for each item and – where it makes sense – a video.

Most of the graphics are actual Screenshots of my own Tech Demos. For all other graphics, I tried to figure out the proper credits. If they are wrong or missing please contact me so I can fix it. All the other stuff like the Demos, the Screenshots and the Videos are made by myself. Please don’t deeplink them, just link to this blog and it’s fine (see below).

I’ve added to all demos the source code as a separate download link next to the demo download. Additional, there are some code examples with Syntax Highlighting to give you a quick idea how I have solved a particular issue. Sometimes the source is well commented, sometimes very messy. It only represents a development milestone and not the final game. Please take notice that the source is copyrighted as long as I didn’t post it to the Blitzbasic Code Archives which would make it Public Domain then. If you want to use the source or parts of it in your own projects please ask, I won’t say no but ask me. I’ve spent a lot of time for this and would like to know who wants to use it.

Most of the description text has been taken from Wikipedia, and has been shortened / partly rewritten for this blog, sometimes with a few satirical notes from the perspective of the future (marked with a smiley ““). Under each item with information from Wikipedia the original article is linked, in accordance with the license agreements of Wikipedia. There you’ll find more information on the particular topic. I want to keep it simple as possible with basic informations only, so if you want to go into more detail visit Wikipedia or other sites like NASA, JPL, ESO and many more.

If you have any suggestions or comments about this blog don’t hesitate to comment the articles or contact me using the contact form.


If you want to use my images please credit me as follows:
Credits by Krischan
License (optional)

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