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Krischan. By Krischan


KrischanHi, my name is Christian. This blog is about the development of a new game with the title “Extrasolar Origin”. It is a space exploration game developed in the free Blitzmax language and uses the miniB3D extension for 3D. I have always dreamed to create my own space game. In recent years, I have built many tech demos and shared them with the great Blitzbasic community (hi folks!). Many people there told me I should finally create my own game – and I believe it is time to do so.

I registered this domain in 2000, but I have begun seriously last year with the actual game. In the meantime, there is already another game titled “Extrasolar” where you can explore the surface of the Planet Epsilon Prime with a remote controlled rover. But it has a different focus and I keep the title “Extrasolar Origin” anyway. It is aimed at the Windows platform, single-player and will be free, perhaps Donationware since I have already spent a lot of money to create this dream. It is only used OpenGL 1.x – without shaders, and should work on most computers. Blitzmax also supports Mac and Linux, so it could also be ported there.

If you want to know more about this project read the Basic Game Concept and visit the Screenshots, Videos and Downloads sections, I’ve uploaded a lot of stuff there. More information about the universe can be found in the “Cosmopedia” Category. My other work can be found in the Blitzbasic community, my nickname there is “Krischan” and my Youtube channel is “Blitzkrischan“.

Work in progress updates to the project can be found in the “Gallery” section or just subscribe to the RSS feeds to stay informed. And feel free to comment my work or just contact me, I’d love to get feedback about my work. Currently, the team consists of myself, but I could certainly use some assistance, check the Jobs page if you want to support me.

There is no release date because the game is still in a very early stage of development. And I’m working on this game only in my spare time, so please have patience

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