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Random Star System Calculator. By Krischan

Random Star System Calculator Spreadsheet

This is the nucleus of this game. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet I’ve been working on the last three years. It calculates from the values in the orange fields in the upper left a complete Star System with 10 Planets and all of their properties using real physical formulas and some predefined tables. The data is not quite realistic, but realistic enough to create a believable star system on the fly. Based on this spreadsheet, I created the more advanced Star System Generator Demo and this will be the core of the game.

The blue fields contain the prerequisites of an earthlike planet, and they are very restrictive. In the upper row are some buttons with macros to search for a specific system, like a sunlike star, a planet candidate, a habitable system, a perfect earthlike planet or rare elements (here called Element 119/120).

For each planet you’ll get a lot of details, its physical properties, temperature, periods, life support factors and so on. I’ve read a lot of articles and tried many formulas and this is the pure essence of thousands of hours of work. But it really made fun to learn and create this spreadsheet. Some calculations were extremely difficult to find out, some I had to improvise. To check the results, the spreadsheets contains a macro to calculate a given number of systems.

The results are displayed in a table and so I could test if there are enough planet candidates at the correct position and – most important – enough habitable planets! And it works, at least in Microsoft Excel 2010 which I’ve used for this. It is really interesting to see how many different planets are created and how many earthlike planets are among them.

It’s pure magic as they are generated out of nowhere, but try it by yourself!

Code Example


Demo controls
“Random” F9 creates a new system
“Habitable” enter number of stars at cell A11 and press the button next to it
Download Random System Calculator Spreadsheet (1.0MB)

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