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Crayon Syntax Highlight Blitzbasic Addon. By Krischan

Crayon Syntax Highlighter Blitzbasic Addon

This is an addon for the great WordPress Plugin “Crayon Syntax Highlighter“. I created this to visualize my Source Codes here in this Blog. It includes syntax highlighting for Blitz3D and Blitzmax, however it is not perfect but suitable for my needs (optimized for Superstrict!). It looks very close to the color schemes I’m using in my IDEal (Blitz3D) and BLIde (Blitzmax) development environments.

Basically, it is a rewritten Monkey language plugin but I’ve missed Blitz3D and Blitzmax and so I changed it for my needs. Additional, I’ve converted the two Fonts “Blitz.ttf” and “BlitzLight.ttf” to use with this plugin (but don’t use theme here in the blog). And you can use it, too if you want. Just copy the contents of the ZIP file to your “wp-content/uploads/crayon-syntax-highlighter/” folder and the new settings are available instantly in the Settings > Crayon Menu.



Download Crayon Syntax Highlighter Blitzbasic Addon (59.4KB)

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