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James Webb Space Telescope. By NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center/David Higginbotham

Space Telescope

The space telescope is a very advanced Telescope to scan extrasolar Star Systems directly from the Solar System. It is stationed at the Lagrange Point L2 and consists of several reflector mirrors, each at a distance of several million kilometers to the other. This provides a Resolution that corresponds to the results of a probe – but you get the scan data faster this way than with a probe.Read More

One of Darwin's Telescope.s By ESA/Medialab, modified by Krischan


A Probe is a small Satellite that is able to completely scan an entire extrasolar Star System. It is equipped with an Interstellar Drive and an advanced Sensor Array. If you want to know whether it is worthwhile to visit a particular System, then the Probe is the correct choice. A scan includes data on the central Star and the number and physical properties of its Planets. A low-resolution Map of each Planet is also created.
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Planet Exploration Vehicle. By Krischan

The Planet Exploration Vehicle

The Planet Exploration Vehicle (PEV), Model DX81-73 is a masterpiece of Space Engineering. Now you can explore all types of solid and liquid surfaces on rocky Planets and Moons. It is equipped with Tracks, a rechargeable Hypermatter Battery, a Shield Generator, a bright Spotlight, two Laser guns mounted on a pivoted Turret and has a built-in Refinery to melt collected lumps of Ore.Read More