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Antigravitation. By Krischan

Antigravity Unit

The antigravity units are an integral part of the spaceship and work with Newtonium. The entire bottom of the vessel and the floors are equipped with them. The antigravity units can produce both gravity and antigravity, only by applying a large voltage. Basically it works like a Peltier element for gravity. If you set the metal under electric voltage, one side emits antigravitational waves and the opposite side produces gravitational waves.Read More

Impulse Drive. By NASA, modified by Krischan

Impulse Drive

The Impulse drive is the method of propulsion that your ship uses when you are travelling below the speed of light. Typically powered by a Xerium 42 reactor, impulse engines let your ship maneuver close to a Planet readily. For interplanetary / interstellar distances, the Interstellar Drive is being used instead.Read More