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Blitz Fireball. By Krischan


Currently working on the Star System visualization. Here you’ll see the central star, in this demo a F-Type star. All done in Blitzmax+MiniB3D. It is a spherized segmented textured cube with additional glowing sprites and attached animated flares using animated textures only. Actually the flares are two single surface meshes with clever quad manipulation plus texture animation. One mesh consists of perpendicular quads aligned to the surface and the other mesh contains the outer flares, perpendicular too but rotated 90° which gives this nice flare effect.

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Planet Exploration Vehicle Demo. By Krischan

Planet Exploration Vehicle Demo

This is a test if it is possible to create a nice looking 3D landscape to drive around with the Planet Exploration Vehicle (PEV). And it really makes fun though there is still a lot of work to do. But the basic concept works and even the representation of the different Planet types looks better than I’ve expected first. You can either drive around in an bird’s eye view or a 3rd Person View.Read More

Warptunnel Demo. By Krischan

Warptunnel Demo

Warptunnel is a small test program how to achieve a simple “going to Warp” effect using two Sphere und three Cone Meshes with textures applied to them. The texture position moves according the move speed of the player and gets stretched, too. With the polar distortion of a sphere and a cone it gives a very simple but good looking Warp effect.Read More

Planet Atmosphere Demo. By Krischan

Planet Atmosphere Demo

These older planet experiments are the ancestor of the Brush Planet algorithm based on my Planet Creator code. They have a cool space to surface transition effect with their atmospheres (if available) so don’t miss the demo and the four videos below. I don’t know which planet template is the best but my favourite is the Jupiter with its rotating clouds. Read More