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Alien by Krischan Original image by Colby Francoeur


Graphics are not so important like the gameplay but the game should have at least a semi-professional look. I will finish the game even with ugly looking models and graphics but with your help, we could make the game look even better.

Important Notice

  • This is an Indie game in development, which will be free or Donationware
  • I’m no millionaire, therefore I can’t pay any money for your work
  • I can only offer to include your name and what you’ve created in the game’s credits
  • You’ll keep the copyright of your models
  • I can use your models in this game only
  • Your models can be bundled and distributed together with this game only
  • If you agree with these terms continue reading


 3D Artist

I am looking for somebody who can create nice textured lowpoly 3D models for this game on request. I’m not experienced enough for really good looking models and need help here. I could need models of the Moon base, Alien ships, Minerals, Artefacts or even Characters. Or you can contribute own ideas if you want.

So if you are interested please contact me using the form below.


2D Artist

I am looking for somebody who can paint nice 2D pictures of different Alien species which are being used in the communication screen. The images should look retro-style or pixelized, not too realistic. At the moment the Alien species are still in the design phase and you could bring in own ideas.

If you are interested please contact me using the form below.



I’m from Germany and therefore speak mainly German although I understand English very well. But I am often unsure when I have to translate texts in English if they are correct. Therefore, it would be nice if someone could look at these texts and could even help with new translations. The final game will be in English and then translated back into German, perhaps even in other languages if someone wants to do.

If you are interested please contact me using the form below.

Ich komme aus Deutschland und spreche daher hauptsächlich Deutsch, verstehe Englisch aber sehr gut. Wenn ich Texte auf Englisch übersetzen muss bin ich mir oft unsicher ob diese auch richtig von mir übersetzt wurden. Daher wäre es schön wenn sich jemand diese Texte anschauen oder mir sogar bei neuen Übersetzungen helfen könnte. Das fertige Spiel wird auf Englisch sein und dann ins Deutsche rückübersetzt werden, vielleicht auch in weitere Sprachen wenn das jemand machen möchte.

Falls Du Interesse hast melde Dich bitte über das Kontaktformular unten auf der Seite.


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